Australian Leadership

I recently spoke with Joseph Ghaly about Australian leadership.

We covered characteristics of Australian leadership, what Australians want from our leaders, finest examples of leadership and future challenges for Australian leadership.

Here is an excerpt:

“The characteristics broadly prescribed to Australian leadership are humility, authenticity, flexibility, a resistance to authority, a little larrikinism, an ability to envisage solutions to seemingly intractable problems, and developing simple answers to complicated problems. These characteristics are regularly visible in leadership in an Australian context.

Also typical are elements of humour, cynicism, and irreverence, not only in the style of leadership but also in the style of being led. For leadership to be effective there also needs to be followship. So for a leader to be comfortable in an Australian context, they also need to have been in the role of a follower.”

On what Australians are seeking from our leaders:

“Australians today are seeking greater transparency. The country is hoping for a clear statement on our future direction, one that is believable and transparent and not based on pecuniary interests or on the debating merits of the proponent.”

Finest examples of leadership:

“Sir John Monash… Alan Finkel .. Paul Keating …

“It’s interesting that I haven’t mentioned a woman, yet I am dedicated to the success of women. This reflects the cloak that covers the gender issue regarding how we view our female leaders. People who come to mind include Sam Mostyn, Romilly Madew, Linda Kristjanson at Swinburne, Bronwyn Evans at Standards Australia, Michelle Fitzgerald at the City of Melbourne, Alison Rowe Chair of the Future Business Council (see our Australian Leadership Interview with Alison) and Kiri Parr, incoming President of Consult Australia.”

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