‘We aspire to more than a ‘blade runner’ environment’

At the upcoming SMARTBUILD: Smart Communities & Built Environments conference (25th – 27th of July 2016) in Singapore, I am excited about presenting on the topic of ‘Urban Mobility: Is There a Better Way to Achieve Sustainability?

My talk will cover: how we can take new approaches when it comes to our cities; the need for implementing better planning for urban mobility as a key factor in relieving pressures currently faced and those predicted for the future; and achieving sustainable urban mobility using a systems approach to thinking about urban areas.

I hope to create an understanding and greater awareness that the city is a system in which people and urban form are probably the most important components.

Technological systems exist (or are in development) which will enable us to create more sustainable cities, particularly with regard to mobility, but we aspire to more than a ‘blade runner’ environment and so must focus on people and place.

Find out more about the event here: http://smartbuildlse.marcusevans.com/EventDetails.asp?EventID=22770&PageID=520